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Ella Parsons | Designer & Photographer

Ella Parsons | BIO

I'm a Trainee Graphic Artist.


I'm Ella Parsons and I love anything and everything to do with design. I am currently working for a label printing company, MiRiCal Emblems , and my job is to edit and recreate customers artwork so it is print ready.

Even though I enjoy my job and I have learnt so many skills whilst I have been here, I would love to put my skills to more practice and let my creativity flow even further.

In my free time, I love taking photos and being outdoors. Some of these can be found on my GuruShots and Instagram pages. I also enjoy art, going to music shows and festivals and playing the piano.

I also use a website called Design Crowd where I enter logo design competitions, but my primary use of this is to practice reading briefs and being creative while sticking to what the customer has asked for. Businesses could be looking for anything from a logo design to a t-shirt design. They use a brief so the designers have an idea about what they are looking for. Visit my Design Crowd , Dribbble and Pinterest pages for some of my work.

Get in contact with me at [email protected] .

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